May 26, 2022



It can be an amazing experience for you to purchase the new car or the car which is new to you. But, the purchasing process of the car can be bit challenging for many people. You can get the best deals for your car by investing the huge time and a great budget as well. If you buy a new car, you can have the standard warranty. But, if a car is new to you means it is used you can get the extended car warranty UAE. Here are many advantages of the extended warranty car plans for you. 

Cheaper than a break down: The cost of the extended car warranty can be different as you visit the various dealerships and it may also consist of the age of the car, model and manufacturing company. But, it is the fact that the warranty will be cheaper than a break down. Because when you will have the extended car warranty, you will not have to pay the expenses in case of any repair or loss. If your car is damaged in the accident, all the repair cost will be covered by the extended car warranty. So, it is a cheaper and useful option for you.

Manufacturer backed: When you get the extended car warranty offers for your car, you can observe that the offers which are given to you by the dealerships are the bit expensive than the plans offered by the third party. You should not pay the extra amount to the dealerships to get the extended car warranty plans because they involve the insurance and bank managers with them to get you trap in their fraud. It is the better and convenient option for you to get the extended car warranty from the manufacturer company of your car. It will give you the benefit in a way that it will cover all the loss and repair expenses for your car and the replacement of any car part will be included in the company’s warranty plans.

Customize it to fit your needs: You may visit the several workshops and show rooms to get the idea about extended warranty plans. You can observe that each and every warranty plans have their own features and clauses which you can customize according to your needs. You can purchase warranty plans in different packages as you customize it.