September 30, 2023

How to Keep Car Tires in Good Shape

How to Keep Car Tires in Good Shape

Here are some tips to keep your car tires in pristine condition. Incorrect tire maintenance can reduce tire life and require replacement. To maintain the longevity of your car tires, follow these simple steps: Check the tire air pressure, rotate your tires, and check the age of the tires. You should also make sure to buy Michelin tires in Dubai.

Erratic tread wear:

You’re not alone if you notice uneven tread wear on your car’s tires. This issue is often caused by incorrect wheel alignment, and you can notice it even before the tires are installed on your vehicle. This can lead to uneven tread wear and, even further, poor traction and handling. It can also cause excessive road noise or vibration. Identifying the cause of uneven tread wear in your tires is essential to ensuring your car’s safety and comfort.

Checking the tire’s air pressure:

Checking your car tires’ air pressure is essential in maintaining your vehicle’s traction. Tires have a PSI printed on the sidewall, but that is not always the right amount. The recommended PSI for your particular model is usually less than this figure. Incorrect air pressure can result in poor handling, overheating, and blowouts. To avoid these risks, you should always check your tires’ air pressure at least once a month.

Rotating tires:

Regularly rotating your car’s tire tread is an important part of ensuring the safety and performance of your vehicle. Uneven wear on the tread will eventually lead to uneven handling, poor balance, and lack of traction. Not to mention that uneven wear will cost you a few hundred dollars or more in new tires. Tire rotation is an easy way to maintain your car’s safety and performance while saving you money on gas.

Checking the tire’s age:

To check the age of your tires, look for the DOT (Department of Transportation) code on the sidewall. It will be a four-digit number with the first two numbers representing the week and the last two numbers representing the year of manufacture. If you do not see the DOT code on the sidewall, you can also contact the tire store. Otherwise, if you cannot find this code, you can look up the tire’s manufacturer’s name and model on the yellow pages.